Friday, October 26, 2012

Right side up

Didn't think I'd be here this soon.  I wanted to take the boat off the building forms to make it lower on the saw horses.  that would make it better to glass the bottom.  Note to self.  Don't try to take a boat off building forms with out some help.  I was going to nudge the bow off and put it on the ground, then lift the boat off and do the same.  I propped the bow up and moved it over, the whole boat started to turn over.  Nothing I could do to stop it.  So it wound up on the floor.  No damage.   I put it on the horses right side up.  I cut the excess off the shear.  This is one very nice strong boat.  One of the mid deck brace fell off during that exercise.

While I have the boat rightside up I decided to do the inside rails

Rails glued in.

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